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DRIP Investing: Minimum Investment Calculator

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Spreadsheet for calculating your Minimum DRIP Investments for Maximum share purchase with video tutorial.
*** Digital Download: Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet ***

Trading dividend paying stocks and ETF’s are the most successful when you invest the optimal amount for each transaction. This spreadsheet does the math for you to quickly calculate what that threshold is. Passive income takes planning.

Calculate the minimum number of shares of a stock or ETF to buy at today’s value so that the dividends can be used with a DRIP program to purchase at least one share every time the dividend is paid.

To use the chart, simply enter the Market Value per share, the highest and lowest prices in the last 52 weeks. The highest and lowest dividend and the number of dividend payouts per year.

*** Enter Values into cells that have a WHITE background colour only***

Make your DRIP trades viable; your portfolio will thank you.

Watch me demo the chart on YouTube:

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