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About the Discord Community:

  • Real-time Discord chat in a community of like-minded investors and options traders focusing on American markets
  • Active and open discussion of trades and strategies with all members
  • All members can post option ideas for review and discussion
  • Global community with tax insights

FREE Discord Access:

  • Video notifications and announcements
  • Market insights and chat with Levi and other members
  • Affiliate discount links

DIVIDEND Investors Perks:

  • Monthly digital download
  • My portfolio holdings snapshot
  • Notified when I buy or sell STOCK/ ETF
  • Discord- general/ dividend discussion
  • Priority during livestreams

OPTIONS Traders Perks:

  • All perks of the free and dividend investors tier, PLUS:
  • Notified of all OPTION trades
  • Discord- OPTIONS Discussion and ALL ACCESS

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