About Levi


I have been actively trading the stock market for over 25 years and have built most of my wealth by reinvesting my dividends and following my 14 Personal Rules of investing. At 39 years old, because of my investments, I was able to retire from my amazing job working in the film industry. This has left me with a more flexible schedule and allows me the time to teach the investing strategies that worked for me.

Investment Strategy:

My primary investment strategy is long term high yield dividend investing, index funds and reducing risk and exposure using options. I actively trade options on both the American and Canadian Stock exchanges targeting 24% annual returns on capital through:

  • Collecting dividends on high yield dividend stocks
  • Investing in index funds and growth stocks
  • Trading options to take advantage of theta decay and reduce risk

I love trading strangles, Iron condors and diagonal spreads for maximizing returns. Delta neutral strategies allows me to make money in both bull and bear markets and limits my risk. Options strategies are an active portion of my trading to supplement my passive investments and create a stable predictable monthly income.

Free YouTube Video Tutorials:

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I've always built spreadsheets and love the ability to customize them to exactly suit my needs. The spreadsheets I sell are copyright but not locked so any aspect of the sheet can be changed to suit your needs. 


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"Let’s Get Rich Together" - Levi Woods

Disclaimer: I am not a financial planner and am not offering investment advice. Any opinions or views expressed are only personal and should not be taken as any form of financial advice. There are financial risks involved in taking on any monetary transaction that I discuss in my videos/blogs/articles. All content is copyright of "Drawbridge Entertainment Inc" and not for resale.