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Google Sheets Dividend Stock Formula Cheat Sheet

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Spreadsheet cheat sheet of coding and functions to help you create dividend stock portfolios in Google Sheets that actually work.

*** Digital Download: Google Sheets ***

Create Google spreadsheets using this reference template and build your own Dividend and Stock Trading Charts.

It is a cheat sheet for you to use as a reference to build your own Google sheets by using: 

  • GOOGLEFINANCE function in Google Sheets to pull dividend stock information.
  • IMPORTHTML function from Yahoo Finance so that Google sheets can automatically populate cells in a dividend stock portfolio.

In the video, I show  you how to set up the symbol and ticker names to pull data like "name", "price", and "dividend yield". I also show how to use the split function to split data across two cells.

Other bonus coding includes the “vlookup” and “index” function in Google sheets to pull data from another cell and reference it back, depending on the user input. Using the Concatenate function we can fetch data from other stock exchanges and combine the information so that stock exchange and stock symbol are joined correctly.

The spreadsheet has 1 sheet: 
Cheat Sheet Formulas - Is a variety of formulas which can be used to extract data off the internet from resources like Yahoo Finance to help generate the correct functions for building dividend portfolios in Google Sheets.

Instructions: Download the pdf and make your own copy to edit the Google sheet. If you have questions watch the video!

** Digital Downloads are not refundable so watch the video first to know what you are buying **

Watch the video demo here: 

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