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What Year Can I Retire - Retirement Planning Spreadsheet

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Spreadsheet to calculate What Year You can Retire
*** Digital Download: Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet ***

Take the guesswork out of your retirement plan and calculate what year you can actually retire.

Check out the video demo of the chart: https://youtu.be/JTmCz-nnsJU

To use the chart simply enter your Current Income, the year and the percentage of income contributed to investment. The chart fills out showing you what year you could retire and how much annual income you could receive.

Chart takes into account:
Expected Income Increase
Expected Inflation
Current Investments
Expected Annual Return on Investment to create a customizable outcome.

*** Enter Values into cells that have a WHITE background colour only***

This chart is good for projecting 30 years into the future.

This chart can be used as a retirement planner, 401K retirement planner, RRSP, and a TFSA planner.

Check out the video demo of the chart:


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