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Spreadsheet to track weekly compounding investments with a video tutorial

*** Digital Download: Google Sheets Spreadsheet ***

Trying to track specific trades to see if they are profitable? #drawbridge100k challenge spreadsheet tracker.

The spreadsheet tracks weekly limited loss trades with a specific weekly return goal.
It calculates weekly profit/loss and percentage return on risked capital:
• Weekly returns in dollars and percentages
• Compares to theoretical weekly return, estimates weeks to achieve goal

Download Includes:
• 1x Spreadsheet: Trade Tracker, showing capital at risk, weekly returns, percentage change
• 1x Chart: The investment value over time compared to a theoretical return.

The pdf has links to google drive where the spreadsheets can be copied.
*** Enter Values into cells that have a WHITE background colour only***

This chart is ideal for investors who want to quickly compare the return of a specific set of trades.

Check out video tutorial here: 


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