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Loan Repayment Record Keeper- Simple Interest

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Spreadsheet Record Keeper with Simple Interest Loan Repayment calculations.

*** Digital Download: Apple Numbers and Google Sheets ***

This handy calculator records a log of payments and calculates the interest owing if you want to loan money or borrow money.

To use the chart, simply fill in the white cells. 
Enter the annual simple interest rate. Then record the date and amount of each interest payment in the log.
The spreadsheet will calculate the current daily interest being charged, the amount of interest charged since the last payment, the Total payments made to date, the total interest paid to date and the current outstanding balance of the loan. 

*** Enter Values into cells that have a WHITE background colour only ***

This spreadsheet has 1 sheet with 2 versions depending on your choice of software: 
 • Apple numbers
 • Google Sheets

Check out the video demo here

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