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Mortgage Refinance Calculator: 30 Year Cost Comparison

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Spreadsheet to compare the Cost of your Current Mortgage over 30 years VS Potential Cost to Refinance

*** Digital Download: Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet ***

This is a great calculator for someone who wants to calculate the savings of different mortgage scenarios when considering renewal for a lower rate.

This chart can track the month by month costs of total monthly mortgage payments and includes, principal payments, interest payments, extra mortgage payments, mortgage insurance and escrow (property taxes and insurance). 

To use the chart simply enter the current outstanding loan value, rate and remaining months and monthly escrow. Then fill out the two columns of mortgage insurance and monthly payments to the very bottom of the chart. Enter the potential new mortgage information into the remaining two columns and analyze the results at the bottom of the chart.

*** Enter Values into cells that have a WHITE background colour only ***

There are two versions available with this purchase but you only need one.

Microsoft Excel Users: The XLSX version can be used with any currency. 

Apple Numbers Users: 2 Spreadsheets with different currencies. USD or CAD spreadsheets at the top of the file when you open it.

Check out the video demo here:

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