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Naked Put Options Strategy Calculator for Monthly Income

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Naked Put Options Calculator vs Buying Stock spreadsheet for Monthly Income. Track your trades.

*** Digital Download:  Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet  ***

This chart is used to track put option contracts you are rolling. Track the adjustments of the trade and compare the cost to outright buying stocks.

To use the chart simply enter the account fees associated with selling options.
Then Enter the current Stock Price, Put Strike Price, Put Price Current Value and the number of days to Expiration.
The amount that will be credited to your account will be automatically calculated as well as the % return, % simple annual return and the $ amount of investment values based on a range from -10% to +10% stock value change.

*** Enter Values into cells that have a WHITE background colour only***

The spreadsheet has 1 sheet: There are three versions available with this purchase.

Apple Numbers:
Naked Puts Options Profit Calculator CAD.numbers
Naked Puts Options Profit Calculator USD.numbers

Microsoft Excel:
Naked Puts Options Profit Calculator.xlsx

Check out the video demo here:

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