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Option Trader's Black Swan Hedge Tracker

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Spreadsheet to track the open positions of the Black Swan Hedge strategy with a video tutorial:
Black Swan Hedge Video Tutorial

Step 1: selling of puts
Step 2: buying of puts
Step 3: buy to close initial short puts
*** Digital Download: Google Sheets ***

A straightforward way to track multiple Black Swan Hedge options transactions including commission factored into exit target price.

The chart included calculations for commission fees, multiple closing dates and overall performance on a per trade basis. This spreadsheet records options transactions on a per position basis and tracks the credit or debit to date the life of the trade.
Conditional formatting helps alleviate entry errors.


Download Includes:

• 1x Detail Tracking Spreadsheet: Tracks up to 260 Black Swan Trades

The pdf has links to google drive where the spreadsheets can be copied.
*** Enter Values into cells that have a WHITE background colour only***

By nature, the Black Swan Hedge is a long term position that often has multiple strikes and expirations. This tracker makes it easy for investors to simplify the process and record each and every trade and transaction.

Video Demo: 

Options Trader's Rolling Options Record Keeper Videos

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