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Quick Option Calculator and Currently Open Options Tracking Spreadsheet

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Spreadsheet to track Open Options Positions on Individual Spreadsheets

*** Digital Download: Apple Numbers and Google Sheets ***

This chart is ideal for option traders who want to quickly compare the returns of premium selling strategies for a specific price.

This Chart is appropriate for simple options trading and those who trade a few option strategies at a time. Track your trades and exit option strategies at an optimal time.

If you're looking the the more advanced version of this spreadsheet then check out the Rolling Options Record Keeper.

The spreadsheet has 3 sheets:
 • Summary - shows the current open options and details including the profit loss target ranges 
 • Options spreadsheet for options traded in base account currency
 • Options spreadsheet for options traded in foreign account currency

By calculating time that the trade will be held, the option calculator calculates the predicted outcome, including fees, and compares the margin amount to expected theoretical return:
 • Projected Return on Investment in $ and %
 • Annual Projected Simple ROI %
 • Annual Projected Compounded ROI %

It also generates a profit loss option price target based on:
 • 50% of maximum Profit (to increase gains)
 • 2x Max Loss (to limit losses)

Finally, it summarizes the trade to determine the desired outcome of Hold, Close for Profit or Close for Loss based on the targets.

*** Enter Values into cells that have a WHITE background colour only ***

There are three downloads for this purchase: 
 • The PDF has links to google drive where the USD and CAD spreadsheets can be copied.
 • The Numbers files are for Apple users only and there is both a USD and CAD version of the same file by default.

Check out the video demo here:

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